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    Founder | TRE Medical Technology Consultants

    Founder | Baseline Health


    Managing Partner | Etiquette Management Group


    Founder | 1NFLUENC3 Media


    Managing Partner | Exit Partners

    Founder | Pray For Humanity

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    Richie Hosein has successfully built a strong domain in the healthcare, hospitality and music arenas. He currently serves as an active Philanthropist and Investor. He was named in Yahoo Finance as one of the top entrepreneurs to look out for in 2020. In 2023 Richie was selected to JOIN and participate in the Harvard Global Leadership program at Harvard Medcial School.


    Richie over the last 10 years is responsible for thriving ventures in the Hospitality and the music industry as well. Mr. Hosein is currently the Co-Founder of Etiquette Management Group. His Hospitality ventures started as an Investor of 1OAK Southampton, and then launched his own brand of premier music & nightlife venue, A.M. Southampton Nightclub in the Hamptons. Hosein launched A.M. Southampton in summer 2016. AM Southampton, billed as Southampton’s #1 night life experience. In 2018, Mr. Hosein added Red Rabbit Club in Meatpacking, NYC to his portfolio. Red Rabbit Club offered just 17 tables, extreme intimacy with a subterranean and surreal venue. While other clubs focus on numbers, Red Rabbit was all about experience. Red Rabbit quickly became the Top NYC Nightclub which hosted famous Artists such as Meek Mill, Future, Lil Baby, 50 cent, as well as the Foodgod Jonathan Cheban amongst many other famous Celebrities. In 2019 Mr. Hosein was asked to become the President and Managing Partner of the Playboy Club NYC. After his team became involved in January 2019 , Playboy Club NYC quickly became one of the top NYC Restaurant and nightclub destinations. His ability to increase revenue 1200% in as quickly as 11 months put NYC Hospitality industry on high alert. NYC is very excited to see his next project expected to launch in 2021, something that will change Dining and Nightlife experiences for Decades to come.


    QUOTED BY FORBES - Michael Alpiner
    Richie Hosein is launching the club that he hopes will, according to him,
    “elevate the standards for excellence for nightlife and create exceptional experiences for [its] guests.”


    Mr. Hosein vast experience in business has allowed him to hold the roles of CEO and Co-Founder of Baseline Health, whose mission is to transform the healthcare industry and promote preventive health by bringing a comprehensive, convenient, and patient centric health and wellness service to the workplace for the purpose of saving lives, reducing costs, and making a positive impact on people’s health and well-being. Mr. Hosein is also President of TRE Medical, a leading medical device sales consultancy. TRE Medical works with Independent Sales Reps worldwide representing the medical device, pharmaceutical, and biotech industries. “We have helped over thousands of healthcare clinicians and major hospitals worldwide bridge the gap between education and technology. We are the leaders in technology and sales consulting in the healthcare arena. Changing through technological advances the way hospitals, medical offices, and doctors practice medicine,” said Hosein. In an impressive 13 years, Hosein has built TRE Medical into one of today’s most successful medical companies in the country.


    Furthermore, Hosein started his career in healthcare with Pfizer, a medical company with a state-of-the-art portfolio of products that support wellness, prevention, treatment, and cures for various diseases. He was awarded the Vice President Cabinet Award for being the company’s top sales rep, and also received a similar award at Empire Surgical where he was consistently one of the top sales reps in the country. When Mr. Hosein became a managing partner at Empire Surgical, the company went from 2mm in sales to over 60mm in less than 4 years. Under his leadership and organizational structure the sales force Empire became the fastest growing Distributorship In the History of JNJ Sports Medicine division.


    In addition, Hosein has a strong position in investments. He runs Exit Partners LLC, which earns revenue by owning equity in the companies it invests in, such as technology, business, and hospitality ventures.


    Richie joined Heads Music, an independent music label started by Madeline Nelson as its VP of Business Development. He is actively working on artist development and looking to pursue opportunities in TV and Radio.


    He credits his success to "providing the best products and services, treating his employees better than they have been treated before, and providing his investors with solid, residual returns on their money." This philosophy has allowed him to build several multi-million dollar businesses and continually retain the best talent. His success has been recognized by his high school as well. Every year, the institution gives out a Rich Hosein Athletic Scholarship to future leaders that exhibit leadership skills both athletically and academically.


    Lastly, Hosein is passionate about supporting his childhood community in Long Island, NY. He supports various local non-profits such as Urban Tech, a NYC organization that helps underprivileged children with limited access to technology. In 2020 he launched PrayForHumanity.com a non profit organization to help in times of need. He has gained support from Jermey Piven, Lala Anthony, and many other celebrities in this mission. Richie Hosein is recognized as a talented entrepreneur, advisor, and philanthropist.


    St. Johns University, 1997-2001

    Silver Key Award Winner (Graduated #2 in class)

    St. Johns Football Team - 4 Year Starter - Team Captain

    President, Student Athletic Advisory Committee

    Selected to participate in the NCAA Leadership Conference

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