• Richie Hosein


    Founder | TRE Medical Technology Consultants

    Founder | Baseline Health


    Managing Partner | Etiquette Management Group


    Founder | 1NFLUENC3 Media


    Managing Partner | Exit Partners

    Founder | Pray For Humanity

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    Richie Hosein is an acclaimed top-performing executive, leader, advisor, and strategist, whose extensive entrepreneurial and philanthropic endeavors have left indelible marks across the healthcare and hospitality industries. With over two decades of exceptional leadership, he has spearheaded initiatives that have collectively garnered over 1 billion dollars in sales, earning him a distinguished reputation. His remarkable acuity in business strategy is evidenced by a robust record of executive leadership, sales expertise, and astute business development. As a thought leader, Hosein has also made significant inroads in the start-up and venture capital spaces, demonstrating an unwavering commitment to innovation and growth.


    As the President of TRE Medical, Hosein founded a leading medical marketing and consultancy firm that has been pivotal in the healthcare arena for 20 years. TRE Medical is celebrated for its role as not just a participant, but a foundational architect in healthcare, known for bridging educational and technological divides and driving change. The firm’s commitment to transforming healthcare through innovation and expertise has made it indispensable to clinicians and major hospitals globally.


    Hosein’s introduction to the healthcare sector commenced at Pfizer, where his exceptional performance earned him the esteemed Vice President Cabinet Award. He continued to excel in leadership roles, notably at Empire Surgical, where he drove exponential growth, expanding sales from $2 million to over $60 million in less than four years.


    His success has not gone unnoticed, as evidenced by Yahoo Finance naming him one of the top entrepreneurs to look out for in 2020. Further enhancing his already impressive résumé, in 2023, Hosein was selected to join and participate in the Harvard Global Leadership Program at Harvard Medical School. This prestigious program brings together key health care topics and industry leaders poised to lead future advancements, cementing Hosein's status as an influential figure in shaping the future of healthcare.


    Beyond healthcare, Hosein has extended his influence to the hospitality and music sectors. As a co-founder of Etiquette Management Group and an investor in iconic nightlife venues such as 1OAK Southampton, he has set new standards of excellence in the industry. His foresight and innovation were particularly evident during his tenure at the Playboy Club NYC, where he masterminded a staggering 1200% revenue increase in 11 months. 


    QUOTED BY FORBES - Michael Alpiner

    Richie Hosein is launchingthe club that he hopes will, according to him,“elevate the standards forexcellence for nightlife and create exceptional experiences for [its] guests.”

    Hosein's investment savvy shines through in his leadership of Exit Partners, where he directs equity investments in a broad spectrum of sectors. Within this scope, he has advised and co-founded several companies, such as Baseline Health, integrating these enterprises into a cohesive and successful portfolio.


    His business philosophy—rooted in delivering superior products and services, treasuring employees, and ensuring solid returns for investors—has enabled him to establish and sustain multiple multi-million dollar businesses, attracting and retaining top-tier talent.


    Hosein's dedication to community and development extends to his support for future leaders through the Rich Hosein Athletic Scholarship, underscoring his commitment to nurturing both athletic and academic excellence.

    In philanthropy, Hosein's contributions are profound, supporting organizations like Urban Tech and founding PrayForHumanity. His humanitarian work, augmented by celebrity endorsements, highlights his unwavering dedication to community upliftment.


    Educationally, Hosein's accolades include being a Silver Key Award winner at St. Johns University, where he also served as a team captain and President of the Student Athletic Advisory Committee. His selection for the NCAA Leadership Conference attests to his consistent demonstration of leadership.


    Richie Hosein’s career trajectory, from revolutionizing healthcare to pioneering advancements in hospitality and music, while steadfastly committing to philanthropy, reflects his multifaceted leadership and deep-seated dedication to societal betterment.


    St. Johns University, 1997-2001

    Silver Key Award Winner (Graduated #2 in class)

    St. Johns Football Team - 4 Year Starter - Team Captain

    President, Student Athletic Advisory Committee

    Selected to participate in the NCAA Leadership Conference

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